Travis Hsieh


Travis has been coaching and training since 2008 with a background primarily rooted in martial arts and acrobatics, giving him a keen understanding of more complex movement mechanics. Certified through NASM, he preaches a policy of self awareness of one's own body and its capacities. Knowing not just what your muscles do but also how you eat, sleep and feel on a daily basis.

Andre Pearson


Andre has lived his life with fitness in mind. From growing up a student athlete to his military training to dedicating his life to being a personal trainer. Andre has taken on a more holistic perspective to health and wellness. Connecting exercise, diet, stress patterns, and self esteem to guide the entire individual to a happier longer life, rather than viewing each client as just a body. 

Gerard Friedman

Director of Training Methodology and Continuing Education


With a Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training and a Master's in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, Gerard brings his formal education and clinical experience to 5th Ave Fitness. Employing a method of assessing and reassessing clients with proven metrics of growth and improvement to personalize exercises to each client’s needs. Gerard also leads team meetings with the other Trainers in discussing and practicing a wide variety of new methodologies and modifications. Gerard's main training influence derives from the physical therapy based Postural Restoration Institute, and Functional Movement Systems. He has experience working in various settings, including physical therapy clinics, high schools, and two full time internships with the New York Football Giants and New York Jets.


Andy Do


Don't let the picture smolder fool you. Andy is as sympathetic and sensitive as trainers come. Certified by the ISSA, he believes in listening to the body and modifying workouts to fit each individual's needs. He is a firm proponent on form and technique before intensity, informed by his strong background in weight lifting, Tae Kwon Do, and Krav Maga. After putting on close to 35 lbs of fat in college he trained himself thin then subsequently put back on 20 lbs of more...aesthetic mass. His own journey from flab to fab drives his passion to help each client along their fitness journeys.

Leah Moriarty


Leah is a dance artist based in Brooklyn. Her performance background and Pilates training lay the groundwork for her approach to fitness. Leah aims to work toward a balanced mind and body by addressing postural imbalances while honing in on a client's passions and strengths to incite healthy change. Creativity is at the core of her fitness style and life's work. 

Bethany Logan

Trainer/Yoga Authority


Bethany received a BFA in Dance and Choreography from Ohio State University in 2015, and is a 200 hour certified Yoga Teacher. Based in that dance and yoga background she creates workouts that flow from one muscle group to the next with emphasis on breath, mobility, and bodyweight functionality to ensure a complete experience each session. She likes to keep a mentally supportive and reassuring ambience while pushing her clients physically. She might turn your work upside down, literally. 


Stephen Gontzes



Stevie puts a hard emphasis on strong basic movements in his workouts. Being sure that all joints move properly through all ranges of motion before adding intensity. And add it he will. As a former hockey player, he believes in pushing with athletic intensity no matter what your background may be. Expect lots of high intensity circuits. Expect to work and sweat.


Miranda Powers


Miranda is her name and high intensity is her game! Miranda is a cardio nut who loves long distance running and often uses SAQ (Speed, agility and quickness) drills in her workout plans. She received her Personal Training certification through NASM and is a certified group fitness trainer through AAFA. After running the TCS NYC Marathon in 2015, Miranda vowed to inspire people to, one step at a time, reach their fitness goals until they can go the extra mile beyond. If you have a race coming up and want to crush that old PR time, Miranda is here to get you there!

Phil Blackmer


Phil has been teaching Kissaki-Kai style karate to ages 6 to 60 since he was in high school. After graduating NYU in 2009 with a concentration in Sociology and Anatomy, he found himself in the world of corporate personal training. After achieving certifications in NASM Corrective Exercise Science, USA Boxing, and TRX Suspension Training, Phil decided to leave the cut-throat corporate structure of bigger gyms to find a more client-friendly training atmosphere. Whether you're after a brutal, MMA-style boxing workout or a scientifically based, functional training session, Phil has you covered at 5th Ave Fitness.

Price Johnson


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Price began personal training a few years ago. He got certified with the American Academy of Personal Training in 2015.  As a young adult, Price weighed 92 lbs and had a severe shoulder injury. His journey to a healthy weight of 150lbs, 6% body fat and a healed shoulder sparked his love for fitness. Due to his personal fitness journey, he specializes in strength training and corrective exercises. Price likes to ensure his clients understand their workouts fully, in order to move safely through each exercise.  He finds joy in being able to help people overcome challenges in their own fitness journeys.

Aleksandra Cwiek



Alex has a Master’s degree in Sports Management and Physical Education, and is certified in Nutrition. Growing up she primarily played Basketball, but would try any sport she could. Her determination and curiosity lead her to never turn down a challenge. She is constantly amazed by the positive effects exercise has on her own physical and psychological well-being. As a trainer, she wants to share her enthusiasm for fitness, encourage others towards a happier lifestyle, and help her clients realize what their bodies are capable of. She believes that with the right training program, a bit of determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals.


Joanna Warren



Joanna is a NASM certified personal trainer, dancer, acrobat, yoga instructor and all around movement addict. She firmly believes the world would be a better place if people were more in their bodies. Joanna seeks to provide all of her clients with a greater sense of physical awareness and a deeper appreciation for what their bodies can do. With a focus on core work, stability, mobility and integrated whole body exercises, Joanna works to meet her clients where they are - helping them understand their strengths and limitations with curiosity, compassion and an excitement to move forward. 


Benjamin Hemmer Liu



Benjamin is a trainer, movement therapist and choreographer. He began his exploration of physical expression at a young age, training in different martial arts, sports, and healing modalities across India, Korea, China, Russia and France. His travel broadened his understanding of the principles and connections underlying training in military, healthcare, and the performing arts. Ben loves teaching functional and developmental movement as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. In addition to being a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer, he is also a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, Yoga Instructor, and Systema Instructor (Russian Martial Art). Ben holds a Bachelor of Science in Somatic Education and Performance from CUNY. He has also completed conservatory training in Physical Theatre.