Group Classes

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Group classes are a great way to try out different training styles and keep up a healthy workout routine in between sessions!


Weekly Class Schedule

Our classes are each 1 hour long and taught by our team of amazing Trainers. They usually only have 2-6 clients in attendance (Saturday morning is our busiest class with occasionally up to 8 people).

Full Body Fitness

Start your week with a full body workout. Price employs free weights, kettle bells, gliders, TRX, and much much more to boost your metabolism and strengthen your core muscle groups.

Combat Cardio

Spend an hour with Phil learning the fundamentals of boxing. You will focus on proper technique then spar with him and the other clients, and get a great work out along the way. Good for all levels.

Werq It Circuit

Leah has a strong background in dance and Pilates. She focuses on postural imbalances and stability employed through across the floor work, dynamic choreography and lots of circuits.

Body Bootcamp

Miranda is a cardio nut who will definitely keep you moving. She employs traditional Bootcamp styles, challenges all your muscle groups and in the summer may even have you run around the block.

Calisthenics Conditioning

Calisthenics are bodyweight exercises. The focus is using your own body to get a solid workout. Andre will occasionally add in some kettle bells, but he strongly believes in mastering your own body first. Lots of balance and floor work.

Weekend Warrior

Spend your Sunday morning working out like a warrior. Steve has a background in Hockey and believes in strong form, but pushing with athletic intensity. You will deadlift, squat, build endurance and definitely sweat.